Take a Tour

The Take a Tour Section of the Custom Coffee Vans Mobile Coffee Van website includes detailed photos of inclusions included in our Mobile coffee Fit-Outs.

Custom Coffee Vans encourages that people who are looking to enter the Mobile Coffee Industry to do your extensive research on what you will receive in fit-out options that are being offered in the Industry.

Custom Coffee Vans Guarantees that all vans built by us will exceed council regulations and offer the highest quality of fit-outs at competitive pricing.

See Photos Below:


Water Filters are Installed on Every Coffee Van

Side Refrigeration with Display Shelving

Air Horns are Highly Recommended for all Coffee Vans

Lockable Cash Tills are a must for the Serious Operator

Secondary Fuel Tank Inlet (lockable)

Sliding Door Ventilation Systems allow for Optimum Air-Flow (with cover to protect in wet weather)

12v Roof Extraction Fan (can be easily adjusted for greater efficiency)

12v Roof Extraction Fan (removes hot air emitted from generator)

Raised Generator to Enhance Air-Flow

Fire Extinguisher

Generator Remote Control Panel Located in Drivers Cabin

Raised Side Refrigeration (Council Requirement for Ease of Cleaning)

Smooth Removable Knock Box Allowing for Easier Cleaning and a Great Space Saver

Sealed Roof with 2 x 12v Lights (note how everything is completely sealed from main cabin)

2nd Sink in Van with Hot/Cold Flick Mixer (note the clean weld on the sink)

Lockable Water Inlet

Power Box with Change-Over Switch, 12v Pump Switch & Fuses

Water Pump

Hot Water System

Sensor Hand Wash System with Soap and Paper Towels