Step 1 – Choose Your Area & Contact Council


After making the decision to pursue a career in the Mobile Coffee Van industry, you need to consider how you want to position your business in the marketplace.

What will differentiate your business from your competitors?

What type of areas do you seek to target?

Who and where is your target market?

The first step you need to take is to contact your local council and make initial enquiries into operating a coffee van in the area. Every council is different, meaning you need to understand if there are any restrictions, fees or anything else that may be required of you. It is for this reason that we build our vans to EXCEED all food and health regulations Australia wide.

It is always a good idea to call your local council and have a chat with the food and health officer. Request the forms and paperwork that they require to be submitted. You should use this opportunity to ask questions pertaining to where you can and cannot operate, and required distances to be kept from competing cafe’s, etc. Again,  all councils are different, so it is best to gather as much information as you can at this early stage.

The next process is to conduct market research on potential target areas to operate in. Some of these may include:

– Industrial Areas

– Building/Construction Sites

– Offices and business parks

– Sporting Events

– Local Events

– Fetes

– Housing Auctions and Inspections

– Music Festivals

– Day Care Centres

– Markets


Basically any targeted area needs to be somewhat remote and removed from main shopping districts. The most profitable locations tend to be places where there are plenty of people that need to walk a reasonable distance or even drive to get a coffee and something to eat.

Be creative and think outside the square. These places exist everywhere…